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Magical Argentina is a company that transmits the values ​​of the Argentine cultural identity. All our articles are carefully selected by experts and the materials that we use are identified in the national territory.

Our craftsmen make unique pieces in metals, leather, wood and fabrics with a high aesthetic criterion and of superior quality.

Our values: the commitment to quality and communication with our customers are the motives of this company that is emerging to be a leader in the regional articles market.

CEO: Chufe Executive Officer Betty Rosenblat
Betty is a Master of Ceremonies and Event Planner. It is lover of the Regional Articles argentinos. In his free time he enjoys his family.
COO: Chief Operating Officer Edgar Tugender
Edgar is the founder of Magical Argentina. He is a lover of the Argentine culture and of its artisans. In his spare time he travels around his country to see landscapes and friendly people.
CFO: Chief Financial Officer Marcos Tugender
Marcos Simon is an ophthalmologist and business administrator. In his free time he enjoys reading and good food.
CIO: Chief Information Officer Rebecca Slech
Rebecca is a professional photographer and personal shopper. In his free time he is dedicated to gardening.
CMO: Chief Marketing Officer Brenda Tugender
Brenda is a Doctor of Laws and a Journalist. She is a great reader and in her spare time enjoys cultural outings to theaters and recitals.


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